1. Pears

I was standing and making those pears fall,

Those fucking pears fall.

They were falling down

And I was eating them all.


2. A Lift


3. A Cake

I could not fall asleep

And I could not wake up

Why did I open my mouth?

Why did I eat this cake?


4. Fucking Sheet

Birches responded to me

You are nice. Oh, you are so nice.

Dragonflies will sit on my ear,

But I don't like these nasty dragonflies

Fuck off dragonflies!

Fuck off birches!


5. Love

White dress

Red dress

Yellow teeth

Clear eyes

I love beauty

I love chocolate

I love vodka and sausage.


6. White Fields…

Possible, possible, possible,

Everything is possible here,

There are white fields over here…

There are… No, no marijuana here!

Only my music and me.


7. Sucking

Good shooting is better than bad sucking.


8. A Friend

You were cutting the lard with your penknife

You were smiling to Dad and Mum with your bad teeth.


9. Didn't touch me.

You smiled,

Your ugly smile didn't touch me.


10. Honey

Honey, pour me some water, baby.


11. Angel.

Oh, I am Angel. I am Angel.

I am fucking Angel.


12. Precision

Your death frightened tomtits in the park.

Or, rather, the color of your pullover that frightened them.


13. Rainbow.

I tried it. I tried everything.

I even tied a knot of a rainbow.

Very useful.


15. My friends are sure to come on my funerals.

When I was being burring,

I was lying all over blue,

Well, glad I didn't see it

Otherwise I would become very upset.


The end